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We believe in hemp, as a crop hemp could single handedly solve many of the world’s problems. Hemp is the one plant that has been given to us that can feed, clothe and provide us fuel for vehicles. Did you know Henry Ford made a car using primarily hemp and now one Canadian company has made a car from hemp?

Our initial interest in hemp is to bring to the world the amazing healing powers this seemingly simple plant possesses.

We believe in hemp as a daily dietary supplement.  We believe a daily dose of hemp with all its natural vitamins, minerals and omegas along with a healthy diet and regular exercise will boost our bodies and uplift our mood.

At Hemp 2 Wellness we bring you our love for hemp and hopefully you too will see the potential.


CBDA – Why we love raw hemp

Have you heard about CBDA?

Everywhere you look these days, there’s a positive story about CBD.  With all this media coverage, you’d be forgiven for thinking CBD was the only interesting compound in the hemp plant. But increasingly, CBDA – the acidic precursor of CBD – is gaining the attention of the scientific community. That’s why we love offering our Hemp2wellness Raw Hemp range containing CBDA to our customers

How does CBDA affect the body?

Understanding the effects of cannabinoids on the body is still in its relative infancy. So far scientists have a broad idea how THC and CBD work, both activating in varying degrees the body’s endocannabinoid system – the complex communication network of cannabis-like chemicals and receptor sites that brings balance to our bodies and minds.

However, it is believed CBDA does not affect the endocannabinoid system. Instead, just like CBD, it activates other non-endocannabinoid receptors and enzymes. That said, there is still much to learn about how CBDA acts on the body and the therapeutic potential it may hold.

So, what are the CBDA benefits? Until now, CBDA research has only reached the preclinical stage, meaning it has been performed on cell cultures or animal models. Areas of particular interest include CBDA as a potential anti-nausea medication, CBDA to reduce inflammation, CBDA as a possible antidepressant, and initial studies show CBDA may even prevent the migration of a certain type of breast cancer cells. Again, no clinical trials have been carried out, and much more research needs to happen in order to know whether these findings can be safely applied to humans. But initial findings certainly point towards CBDA being much more than the inert cannabinoid scientists originally thought.

What is CBDA?

Cannabis Sativa, otherwise known as hemp, is a fascinating plant containing over 400 active molecules. Most of us by now have heard of CBD (Cannabidiol), but did you know that if you examined fresh hemp there would be barely any CBD present at all? That’s because in its raw form, unprocessed hemp mostly contains CBDA (Cannabidiolic acid).

In order for CBDA to become CBD it needs to go through a heat or ageing process known as decarboxylation or decarb for short.

But that doesn’t mean that acidic cannabinoids are inactive and unworthy of attention in their own right. Increasingly, more research is being dedicated to lesser known raw cannabinoids, with even the big cannabinoid pharmaceutical company GW Pharma patenting CBDA for epilepsy and nausea/vomiting.

Enjoy CBDA in our Hemp2wellness Raw Hemp Capsules

We’ve known for a while that CBDA found in raw hemp is a much-undervalued dietary supplement. That’s why we created a whole product line celebrating raw hemp goodness and CBDA.

Using organic hemp grown in the Netherlands, the freshly extracted hemp juice is immediately frozen, sealing in the CBDA as well other important vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Zinc. Next, we freeze dry the raw hemp juice making our standardised Hemp2wellness hemp juice powder capsules. Each capsule contains 6.9mg of CBDA with absolutely no THC. Something our customers love as they know just how much CBDA they are getting each time they take a capsule.

We truly believe that Raw Hemp and CBDA are nutritional supplements of the future. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our Raw Hemp Capsules in our webshop, or contact us direct if you have more questions.

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