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Hemp2wellness has a very personal story of coming into being. It wasn’t born out of an eye for a business opportunity. Its origins run much deeper than that.

Jo and Roy are two friends who met through skydiving. To be exact, Roy and Jo’s husband, Tai, spent most of their spare time throwing themselves out of planes for fun.

Sadly, Jo’s other half was struck down with cancer, at which point Roy suggested trying medical cannabis alongside conventional treatment. They’ll never know whether the astonishing progress Tai made was down to the cannabis plant, but before long it seemed like he was on the mend.

Unfortunately, Tai’s life was cut short following a surgical procedure, leaving Jo and Roy utterly devastated. Roy, whose dynamic nature is find positivity in tragedy, saw a kernel of hope in the humble hemp plant.

On various business trips across Europe, he’d found many countries selling hemp-based products; both as cosmetics and nutritional supplements. And for some reason, it planted a seed of inspiration. Why not start a hemp business with Jo in memory of Tai?

And so, Hemp2wellness was born and before long Roy was sourcing the best, organic hemp from across Europe to make their own range of hemp body lotions and nutritional supplements.

By May 2016, Hemp2wellness was up and running, focussing on their body range using natural 100% ingredients and of course hemp oil.

Soon after, Roy began exploring the nutritional benefits of hemp, by chance discovering a Dutch hemp farmer who transformed freshly harvested hemp into raw juice. After trying out this raw hemp juice on his mum, Roy realised a magic lay in preserving all the key ingredients in raw hemp such as CBDA. And so, freeze dried hemp juice soon became a key ingredient in their Hemp2wellness Raw Hemp Full Spectrum Range.

Fast forward to the present day and Hemp2wellness has become much more than just a business in memory of Tai. Through their endless quest to create the best hemp-based products on the market, both Roy and Jo have come to appreciate the tremendous potential this much undervalued plant has for society.

Both believe that through the plant’s prohibition, we have become hemp deficient, which has had knock on effects on our health such as elevated levels of autoimmune disease and chronic pain. Not only that, they are fully committed to promoting hemp as a sustainable alternative to plastic, paper, concrete, and cotton.

Hemp2wellness is continually developing innovative new product ranges. Expect more varieties of CBD oil products in the future. But rest assured, this is a company that cares about your wellbeing and that of our planet, committed to the belief that hemp offers bountiful solutions to both.

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