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CBD vs Hemp Products

CBD and hemp products are big news in nutrition at the moment. People drop them into conversation as if they were interchangeable. But are the benefits of CBD oil comparable to hemp oil and what about hemp and CBD capsules? Are they actually the same thing?

Hemp vs cannabis

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil & Related Products

CBD oil, sometimes known as legal cannabis oil, is creating a buzz in the UK at the moment. It seems hardly a day goes past without a major news story proclaiming CBD benefits. And yet, a lot of confusion remains about this versatile and fascinating nutritional supplement. That’s why we’ve put together this definitive guide to answer any niggling questions you may have, getting you one step closer to finding the perfect CBD oil product for you.

hemp oil

Positive Hemp Effects On Our Health And The Environment

Hemp is making headlines right now. Touted as both an environmental saviour of our planet and a natural alternative for maintaining optimum health, the hemp plant is carving out quite a reputation. While it may feel like these hemp benefits are new discoveries, they have in fact been around for thousands of years. Thanks to the domination of the petroleum and pharmaceutical industries, hemp has found itself either completely prohibited or unfairly consigned to au naturelle, hippy living. But hemp is making a come back, so stay tuned to find out about some amazing hemp benefits for both our health and the planet.


CBDA – Why we love raw hemp

Everywhere you look these days, there’s a positive story about CBD. With all this media coverage, you’d be forgiven for thinking CBD was the only interesting compound in the hemp plant. But increasingly, CBDA – the acidic precursor of CBD – is gaining the attention of the scientific community. That’s why we love offering our Hemp2wellness Raw Hemp range containing CBDA to our customers.


5 Practical Ways to Use Industrial Hemp

Our ancestors can teach us a thing or two when it comes to taking the best from nature and using its produce in our everyday lives. Humans have been harvesting hemp for centuries for medical and practical use and, lucky for us, in the last few decades it’s been making a comeback. We’ve rediscovered the…


Why is Hemp So Good for Your Skin?

If you’ve ever smoked a joint or ingested cannabis then it probably made you feel pretty good, momentarily at least. But apart from being illegal and not exactly great for your health, frequent smoking is harmful to your skin. So it might come as a bit of a surprise that a regular dose of hemp…